We are a number of experienced musicians from the region of Leuven / Mechelen in Belgium.
The band consists of vocals, guitar, keys, bass & drums. We mostly play own work. Our style can be described as pop, with clear influences of funk, soul & rock. We will also add some covers to our songlist in due time.

Our main goal is to make some studio recordings and send them to radio & TV stations, but we also aim to present our repertoire during live performances in the near future.
At the moment we are still looking for gigs, festivals, etc.

You can listen to us via our Sound Cloud accounts, Jango Airplay, Spotify, Youtube & social media. Or you can visit us at our website
Pls. send your requests or feedback to or

We have included a couple of video's on this webpage to give a first impression of our style, but there is much more to discover. Pls. do not hesitate to contact us for more info ! :-)

Grtz from Next Avenue!